The team

The Carbon Studio team consists of high-class experts who use their skills to create advanced games and applications for PC and mobile platforms. Over time we also started developing solutions for visual platforms like Oculus and Samsung Gear VR. Since the beginning of the company our main concern was creating projects that stand out in terms of execution quality.

Carbon Studio’s base technology is Unreal Engine 4. We are capable of executing any task you commit to us. People in our team constantly work to improve themselves and strive toward perfection.

Our work

Our original project, ALICE VR, was released for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PC in late 2016 and is currently available on Steam and Oculus Store.
We are currently developing The Wizards, a VR spellcaster game that uses motion controllers. It will be released in Early Access on Steam and will soon be available on Oculus Store and Hypereal.

Our other sector of interests is architectual visualizations. We create interior/exterior visualizations of simple apartments as well as complex estates. With the use of VR, we invite our customers to enter and interact with interiors that haven’t been physically built yet. We can prototype complete projects or parts of them on demand.