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  • ul. Dworcowa 32/6 | 44-100 Gliwice | Poland


If you are a VR hardware developer or software distributor and would like us to create content for your products, contact us and give us your goods. We are eternally understocked with VR headsets and controllers, forreal.

Members of our team have several years of experience in the industry of computer games and visualization.

They worked inter alia for: The Farm 51 and I3D. They worked on games like Painkiller: Hell and Domination, Deadfall Adventure and initially on Get Even.
Carbon Studio and The Farm 51 still collaborate.

We are looking for programmers and outsource contributors. If you believe your skillset is something we can mutually benefit from, contact us with your résumé and portfolio.

Currently we’re looking to hire:

Junior programmer with some Unreal Engine 4 experience to work full or part time in our office in Gliwice

Senior programmer skilled in UE4 to work full time either remotely or in our office in Gliwice