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The Wizards - Trials of Meliora on the Oculus Store

The Wizards: Trials of Meliora invites players to take magic into their hands and test their mettle as defenders of the Realm of Meliora. Based on the award-winning action-adventure spellcaster The Wizards, this game is a completely new adventure set in the same world, adapted for the mobile VR headsets. It brings the fun of immersive spellcasting to standalone VR headsets owners, along with the breathtakingly detailed environments known from the original The Wizards.

Trials of Meliora features a unique gesture-based magic system and exciting magical battles in three different locations. Players can challenge themselves in objective-driven games or test their endurance against endless waves of enemies. Both of these game modes award skilled wizards with experience, which allows them to unlock the full potential of their magic in a leveling and spell upgrade system.

The game is an independent product from The Wizards, built for wireless headsets with immersion in mind. It shares the setting with the award-winning PC VR game: the Realm of Meliora, a beautiful land infused with magic as much as danger. Players will face off against a host of malevolent creatures in scenic landscapes and dark dungeons, with four potent spells at your disposal to fight them.

Key Features:

- Highly detailed graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4
- Intuitive gesture-based system of spellcasting crafted for motion controller
- Four elemental spells with unique conjuring gestures
- Three fantasy levels based on those seen on the PC version of The Wizards
- Leveling and spell upgrading system for the ultimate wizardry
- Online leaderboard to challenge fellow wizards
- Bullet point about combo system

Game modes:

Trial of Fate: vanquish a given number of enemies and complete various challenges set before you to earn points.

Trial of Persistence: set yourself against wave after wave of enemies, with optional objectives for extra points, and last as long as you can.

Spells and upgrades:

Fireball: a simple orb of flames, easy to summon
Upgrade: increased explosion radius on impact

Lightning: a short range beam of electricity, excellent for finishing off nearby foes
Upgrade: increased duration

Arcane Missiles: an array of shards of chaotic energy that seek out targets once launched
Upgrade: faster recharge

Arcane Shield: a protective barrier that appears in your hand
Upgrade: increased durability and added ability to deflect the first projectile




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