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Raise yer glasses high, me hearties! 🍺 Embark on a journey through eight swashbucklin’ tales of grandeur, riches, and legendary feats!

Slash your way through eerie castles, ancient temples, forsaken shipwrecks, and other astonishing locations while wielding a variety of historically accurate weapons from the 17th-century Europe.

Experience visually captivating comic book graphics, while being entertained by the fanciful mercenary humor of the tavern’s patrons and their over-the-top achievements.


Admire the beauty of 17th-century Europe and visit eight breathtaking locations. Climb tall castle walls, open tricky locks, shoot cannons, use the elements of the environment to eliminate your enemies, and fight hordes of deadly foes with use of varied arsenal of weapons and gunpowder flintlocks! Your actions will not go without punchy comments from your fellow tavern patrons. You must know, that each of them wants to earn the title of the greatest hero, who can boast of the most magnificent story. Will you manage to discover them all? And more importantly – will you see their end?

A truly amazing adventure awaits!


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• Action-packed, gory arcade slasher that distinguishes us from conventional physics-driven VR games

• Eight hilarious escapades narrated by a cast of eight charismatic personalities

• Attractive and vibrant comic-inspired graphics

• Abundant humor, hidden surprises, and nods to popular culture

• A wide array of authentic 17th-century European weapons and settings

• Engaging Slavic folk music score composed by the talented Arkadiusz Reikowski