• Online Subsystem – a dedicated component that enables multiplayer functionality. The system handles network communication, player matchmaking and authentication, as well as data synchronization
• Backend and Servers – a scalable, highly available, and flexible solution
• Communication and Cross-Platform Compatibility – voice and text chats, gesture systems, adaptability for VR, PC, MacOS
• Data Collection – a vast player database, detailed leaderboards, and scoring tables
• Access Control System – place your NFTs in selected locations within the Metaverse
• 3D Graphics and Other Graphic Elements – we create high-quality visuals and real-time content display capabilities

Completed Projects: Everdome Metaverse

We are participating in the construction of a base on Mars. Although it may sound surprising, the Everdome Metaverse project is a tangible vision of a city built on the Red Planet, accessible to all VR technology enthusiasts.
Everdome is a realistic hub of humanity, filled with interesting locations and interactive elements that constantly evolve and change before our eyes, thanks to the collective effort and commitment of its pioneering inhabitants.

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Every month, the Metaverse is developing at a surprisingly rapid and continuously growing pace. There is no doubt that this unique space will soon revolutionize concepts such as communication, entertainment, or business. As experienced VR industry specialists, we are closely observing the possibilities and opportunities presented by the Metaverse.
If you want to harness the enormous potential of this revolutionary technology, reach thousands of new clients, or simply elevate your business to a new level, get in touch! We will assist you in refining your plans and visions, and then bring them to life in the Metaverse at the highest possible level. A whole new world awaits.

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