The Wizards - Trials of Meliora

The Wizards – Trials of Meliora invites players to take magic into their hands and test their mettle as defenders of the Realm of Meliora. Based on the award-winning action-adventure spellcaster The Wizards, this game is a completely new adventure set in the same world, adapted for Oculus Go and Gear VR headsets. It brings the fun of immersive gesture-based spellcasting to standalone VR, along with the breathtakingly detailed environments known from the PCVR title.

Carbon Studio did a very good job capturing the magic of the original The Wizards in the mobile spin-off. Although it has less spells available, the hand gestures works very well. Some clever gameplay mechanics and a sense of humor also provide variety and a lot of fun. The Wizards: Trials of Meliora is a rather small game, but the one that will give even VR beginners a lot of joy.