Carbon Studio is an independent game development company dedicated to innovative VR technology. In 2015, on the initiative of three veterans of the Polish gamedev industry, the company began producing its own titles. Today, our studio holds a permanent place among global industry leaders and is known to gamers and VR platform enthusiasts all around the world.

The Company’s activity is a response to the huge demand of the VR market for new applications and games. The results of recent years’ analysis and experts’ predictions about the future of the industry clearly suggest its further dynamic growth. Since our inception, the VR community has grown by hundreds of millions of members, and all indications are that this trend will only extend.

Our experienced development team is involved in the creation of games at every stage, starting from design, through production and marketing, ending with their distribution on the world’s most popular platforms, such as Steam, Viveport, Meta Quest, Pico, and PS Store. With an orientation to the highest possible quality of the products offered and their high playability, Carbon Studio has won the affection of hundreds of thousands of gamers around the globe.

Briefly about our games

Alice VR: a sci-fi exploration game whose concept was born at the first VR game-jam organized by Oculus and Samsung. The project secured us a place in the finals of the event, and at the time of its full release in 2016, the game supported all PC VR goggles available on the market.


The Wizards: Our first title based on the unique mechanics of casting spells using the player’s hand gestures. The Wizards gave birth to a whole new brand that has won many industry awards and distinctions. Games from this series have been on the TOP bestseller list of the Steam platform several times, and have been nominated for awards in numerous categories at White Nights in Prague and Game Access in Brno. The Wizards brand also won the Viveport Developer Awards, thanks to which in 2018 Carbon Studio entered the group of the most impressive VR game developers at one of the largest GDC industry fairs in San Francisco.


The Wizards – Enhanced Edition: A year later, the title received a massive update called Enhanced Edition, which thanks to a number of significant changes and improvements, was warmly welcomed by VR players. The idea for The Wizards – Enhanced Edition was strongly linked to the studio’s expansion into the console market and the extremely popular PS VR goggles.


The Wizards – Trials of Meliora: in July 2018, we released a standalone VR game based on The Wizards, dedicated to mobile VR goggles.


The Wizards – Dark Times: the game enjoys unflagging popularity, both among PCVR players and Meta Quest goggle enthusiasts. By the end of 2022, games under the name of The Wizards series had reached total sales of more than 350,000 copies. A major update for The Wizards – Dark Times is currently underway, which, in addition to numerous improvements to the single-player mode, also introduces the hotly anticipated cooperative multiplayer mode.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall: an action adventure game developed in partnership with one of the most recognizable brands in the tabletop and video game world – UK-based Games Workshop.


Crimen – Mercenary Tales: a humorous, extremely colorful, and adventure-packed action game, in which we will have a unique opportunity to visit seventeenth-century Europe and meet a number of interesting heroes characteristic of the era. Thanks to Crimen, players have the opportunity to experience eight varied, epic adventures in which they can enjoy an unusual, fast-paced combat system, numerous jokes and beautiful graphics. The premiere of the title on Meta Quest 2 and Pico took place on May 25, 2023.


Mindset: a logical VR game based on Hand Tracking technology, in which the player is faced with the task of solving demanding puzzles in the form of mysterious cubes hiding the history of the main character’s past. Players have an array of mechanisms and gears at their disposal that they can utilize to solve cubic puzzles, which progressively escalate in difficulty and complexity as the engaging plot unfolds.


Hunt Together: Hunt Together is a multiplayer VR game offering two Player vs Player modes, in which you take on the role of the bold Hunter or the terrifying Ghost. Your task will be to defeat your opponent with the help of numerous skills, items and usable environmental elements. The arenas of your battles are spooky, chilling locations. In addition to being able to face your friends in the Elimination Mode (1v1) or the Hide and Seek Mode (1v3), you also can acquire new skins for your favorite characters and develop their skills through a progression system.

To maintain our position as a leader among VR application developers, we stay in constant touch with the world’s industry leaders. Thanks to our good relationships with giants such as Meta, Sony, and Steam, we are always up to date with latest market trends, which allows us to position ourselves in the vanguard of virtual reality trendsetters. In the future, we plan to release more VR games, both those based on IP from the entertainment world’s biggest brands, as well as our own completely independent productions.