To gain significant and sustainable competitive advantages within its chosen specialization, Carbon Studio is constantly expanding its know-how in creating VR and XR (VR and AR) titles.
Extended Reality (XR) refers to all technologies that superimpose a virtual image in front of the user. These technologies include Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR – combines the real world with virtual objects) and Mixed Reality (MR – a Windows solution that does not use external sensors).

Being a leader in the XR market is connected with the mission of continuous search for new solutions. One of the activities included in the strategy is acquiring external funds and grants to develop innovative solutions that the company implements in its games and commercial projects.

The critical element in implementing the strategy is introducing subsequent games using such solutions.
To make full use of the experience and contacts acquired, the company intends to expand its operations into publishing other developers’ games. This will also increase marketing effectiveness and visibility at international industry trade shows.

To create the best VR games reaching gamers around the world.

To maintain its position as a leading VR game developer. To create a recognizable studio brand in the rapidly growing VR market.

Building a competent team.
Searching for new solutions that increase the quality and efficiency of work.
Maximizing revenue through multi-platform games.
Building community around the company’s recognizable brand in the VR market.