The Wizards - Dark Times

Darkness falls over Meliora… will you take up the challenge?

The Wizards – Dark Times is the sequel to the spell-casting action adventure game, The Wizards – Enhanced Edition, designed specifically for virtual reality technology.

A dark plague has fallen on the world of Meliora, contaminating its inhabitants and driving them into a sinister madness. Players once again take on the role of powerful, elemental-wielding mages who go on a dangerous journey through magical lands to confront a mysterious evil. They have as many as 11 different spells at their disposal, with which they can shock, freeze, or incinerate their enemies. The game’s action takes place a decade after the events known from the basic version of the game – The Wizards.

The Wizards – Dark Times offers a colorful and engaging story campaign with an array of side characters and interactive locations, embedded in the annals of the world of Meliora.

A major update for The Wizards – Dark Times is currently underway, which in addition to improvements to the single-player mode, also introduces the hotly anticipated cooperative multiplayer mode. With the Brotherhood update, players from all over the world will be able to join forces to traverse challenging maps and face deadly bosses as mages of fire, ice, and lightning. Their arsenal will include spells known from the basic version of the game, as well as brand-new spells and skill trees dedicated to each class.


Are you up for the challenge?


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Become a Wizard

  • Action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a lush fantasy world
  • Story campaign featuring time travel, exciting battles, and rich lore
  • Never-seen-before locations
  • Intuitive spellcasting system based on natural hand gestures
  • Fresh arsenal of improved and reworked element-based spells to master