The Wizards - Dark Times

The Wizards return with a reworked gesture-based spellcasting system, new environment interactions, new challenging enemies, and the ever-witty narrator Aurelius. Put on your VR headset and set off on a brand new perilous journey across the plague-ridden realm of Meliora.

Your body is frail, but your power is immense. Discover and master 11 individually designed spells with distinct abilities and effects. Forget about button combinations, command the arcane forces with nothing but hand gestures – as a true Wizard does!

A mysterious dark plague has fallen on the realm of Meliora, twisting its inhabitants into beings of hatred and madness. Forbidden powers and rogue wizards are involved, leaving only you to face the apocalypse head-on. Dare to journey through the Forsaken Wood, wade through the poisonous swamps of Meliora, descend into the ruinous Necropolis, and more – with no magical barriers to stop you in place!

Many fantastic creatures have fallen to the plague, becoming beings of destruction and death. Face new challenging enemies with unique abilities and individual behavior. Expect severe resistance – the world is ending, and it wants you dead too!

Are you up for the challenge?

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Become a Wizard

  • Action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a lush fantasy world
  • Story campaign featuring time travel, exciting battles, and rich lore
  • Never-seen-before locations
  • Intuitive spellcasting system based on natural hand gestures
  • Fresh arsenal of improved and reworked element-based spells to master