We are proud to introduce a new prototype from Carbon Studio: Hussarion VR. We aim to create a modern co-op shooter experience in VR and showcase new solutions.

The focus of the prototype is to create highly detailed and realistic environments and develop a gesture-based system of interaction with the world that will feel deeply intuitive and allow for greater immersion. The project is designed for VR technology with motion controllers.

The game will take place in a science fiction setting. The player will assume control of a robotic super-soldier based on the hussars, a near-legendary type of cavalry that played a major role in many military victories for Poland in the 16th century. The player’s goal will be to defeat an invasion of the alien Simargs, an army that could wipe out all life on Earth unless banished back to outer space.

The project is funded with help from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. Carbon Studio was awarded a grant as part of the Developing of Creative Sectors programme in 2017.