Press Kit – The Wizards – Dark Times


Basic Information

  • Developer
    Carbon Studio
  • Publisher
    Carbon Studio
  • Release Date
  • Price on Release
  • Platforms
  • Languages
    English, TBD
  • Age Rating

About the Game

The Wizards – Dark Times is an action-adventure spellcasting game for virtual reality, developed by Carbon Studio as a full-fledged sequel for The Wizards – Enhanced Edition. The game is set in the same fantasy world as the base title, in a different time period. Decades after the events of The Wizards, the player can once more venture into the Realm of Meliora and conjure elemental spells to combat a wide variety of enemies.

The casting is based on the same core mechanics as in The Wizards, but will be reworked and developed for more advanced spell-slinging, replacing traditional spell upgrades with an intuitive system of manipulating magic with your own hands. Additionally, the game’s environments will provide more interaction, further exploring the possibilities of motion controllers and virtual reality goggles. This expansion will also feature a short but compelling story campaign with a host of NPCs and interactive locations, telling a short but lore-rich story from Meliora’s chronicles.


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