The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood – Now available on Meta Quest and Steam

Greetings, Wizards! 🧙

Today is the day… The gates of the magical world full of perilous adventures, fantastic creatures, and powerful spells swing right open! We are extremely happy to announce that The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood has just hit PCVR and Meta Quest Store! From this very moment, VR players from all over the world can don their magician robes and embark on a truly amazing journey… together with their friends!

As you surely know, the Brotherhood update features not only a remastered single-player campaign mode (with numerous graphical changes, new opponents, etc.) but also invites you to a whole new Multiplayer co-op mode, in which you can join forces with your friends and face the new threats as a team. We can’t wait to see what teams you will put together and what character development paths will choose! The only limit is your imagination…

Gather your friends and jump straight into the action

In the new co-op mode, you will face a host of enemies that you have never seen before. You will also have the opportunity to use numerous new spells with a wide range of uses and purposes… It’s only up to you whether you will become AoE mage specializing in destroying huge groups of enemies, or a deadly marksman focused on durable, single targets. You can fight in melee or ranged combat (or both!) and choose between a more supportive role, or simply become the main damage dealer of your team. All this in totally new, engaging maps and deadly boss arena. We wish you and your teammates the best of luck… you gonna need it 💀😁

World of Meliora awaits…

Developing the Brotherhood update has been a long and challenging road. We had a few stumbles here and there (for which we apologize!), but we managed to safely reach its end. However, without you it would not be possible. We can’t emphasize enough how helpful and important your continued support, incredible hype, and participation in two Beta Tests have been to our entire team. Know, that we deeply appreciate it all.

The culmination of this path is the chance to experience the free Brotherhood update, which has just launched on Steam and Meta Quest. We don’t want to keep you any longer because we know how long you’ve been waiting for this day. Go now – call your friends, pick the element of your choice, and let the truly magical journey begin!

Thank you for always standing with us, wizards! 🌟🔮🌟

Play now on PCVR

Play now on Meta Quest

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