Carbon Studio S.A. Acquires Iron VR

Carbon Studio S.A. announces the successful acquisition of Iron VR, a transaction officially completed on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024. This strategic move underscores Carbon Studio S.A.’s commitment to expanding its presence in the virtual reality sector while enhancing its technological capabilities.

The integration of Iron VR’s Unity professionals into Carbon Studio S.A.’s workforce represents a significant milestone in the company’s development journey. With this acquisition, Carbon Studio S.A. gains access to a pool of highly skilled talent, poised to contribute to the company’s ongoing projects and future endeavors in virtual reality.

Furthermore, the acquisition grants Carbon Studio S.A. ownership of a portfolio of VR projects, each with its own unique potential and value. These projects will complement Carbon Studio S.A.’s existing offerings and contribute to the company’s strategic objectives in the VR market.

As Carbon Studio S.A. moves forward with the integration process, both companies remain committed to ensuring a seamless transition for employees and stakeholders. Together, they will work to leverage their combined strengths and resources to drive innovation and deliver high-quality virtual reality experiences to audiences worldwide.

The acquisition of Iron VR represents a strategic investment in Carbon Studio S.A.’s future, positioning the company for continued growth and success in the dynamic VR industry. Further updates on the integration process and future initiatives will be provided as they become available.