Hunt Together has just launched on the Meta Quest store 👻✨

Greetings, Ghosts & Hunters! 🖐️

The long (yet hype-packed!) wait is finally over, everyone! From this very moment, you can jump straight into the horrific action and challenge your friends in spooky, intense PvP skirmishes. As we speak, the haunted locations stuffed with secrets and gloomy details are constantly filling with thrill-seeking Ghosts and Hunters from all over the world. Don’t hesitate, join them now and use your paranormal skills to overcome your foes!

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Hunt Together is now available on Meta Quest store 🥳

Looks awesome, doesn’t it? We know you’re very excited to launch the game and try it out for the very first time, but before you do that, we want to tell you something very important. First of all, we want to thank our entire community for their unbelievable support and enthusiasm for our newest title.

Know that we put a lot of work and heart into the Hunt Together project, so we sincerely hope that it will meet players’ expectations and provide them with hours of great fun. Additionally, we express our gratitude to all our testers and VR content creators who played a pivotal role in the game’s development and shared their experiences with the world. You are simply the best!

And now… 💀 it’s time for some action

With that behind us, we wish you many frightening and thrilling moments in the gloomy Mines, an abandoned Mansion and many other spooky locations. Stay vigilant, be smart, and utilize a diverse range of items, triggers, and class-specific skills to outsmart and defeat your opponent… and remember – only one of you can emerge victorious.

Go now, Ghosts & Hunters, and test your courage in intense, fun PvP duels and team matches. See you in the game!

Play now on Meta Quest »

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