From now on, players around the world can add Hunt Together to their wishlist on Steam and Meta Quest Store and sign up for the Beta!

Get ready, as things are about to get spooky! 💀

The magic dust from the release of the Brotherhood update hasn’t settled yet, and we already have another exciting news for you! 👻 Hunt Together, our brand new PvP horror VR game is coming to Meta Quest and PCVR!

Hunt Together is a multiplayer VR game offering two Player vs Player modes, in which you take on the role of the bold Hunter or the terrifying Ghost. Your task will be to defeat your opponent with the help of numerous skills, items and usable environmental elements 🛠️ The arenas of your battles are spooky, chilling locations, such as an abandoned mine, a haunted mansion or a forgotten orphanage 😱

In addition to being able to face your friends in the Elimination Mode (1v1) or the Hide and Seek Mode (1v3), you also can acquire new skins for your favorite characters and develop their skills through a progression system. Hunt Together will be released for Meta Quest on January 25, 2024, and the PCVR version (along with the Meta Quest x PCVR cross-play option) will follow in February 2024.

Join the Beta!

As we just mentioned, the Meta Quest version will arrive on January 25th, with the PCVR version following shortly after. But there’s more – in about two weeks you will be able to see for yourself what a fantastic and spooky adventure awaits you because… Meta Quest x Steam Hunt Together Beta will kick off on December 19th! – more info on this topic can be found on oru Discord server. Be sure to join!

Wishlist now on Steam

Wishlist now on Meta Quest

Let the game speak for itself – check out the new Release Date Trailer!

We are sure you have a lot of questions, and we believe that some of them can be answered by the latest trailer that we have prepared for you. Here it is – feast your eyes on the Hunt Together gameplay and some wild Hunter vs Ghost action!

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