Historyczny kwartał Carbon Studio. Spółka szacuje ponad dwukrotny wzrost przychodów w 2Q 2021

Carbon Studio, notowany na NewConnect specjalista w dziedzinie developmentu technologii Virtual Reality szacuje, że w 2Q 2021 r. przekroczył 1,7 mln zł przychodów netto, oznacza to wzrost o około 108% w porównaniu do II kwartału 2020 r., kiedy to spółka zanotowała 0,8 mln zł. Na wyniki finansowe znaczny wpływ miała działalność marketingowa, dynamiczny rozwój rynku i rozszerzenie partnerstwa z firmami zewnętrznymi. – Widzimy, jak duży potencjał tkwi w rynku VR. Dynamikę rynku pokazują także nasze wyniki. Szacujemy, że w drugim kwartale 2021 r. wypracowaliśmy około 1,7 mln zł przychodów, czyli dwukrotnie więcej niż w analogicznym okresie 2020 r. Jest to spore osiągnięcie. Kolejne kwartały zapowiadają się naprawdę dobrze. W ostatnim czasie wzmocniliśmy działalność marketingową, wydaliśmy też drugi tytuł na Oculus Quest – po pierwszym The…

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall Cinematic Trailer Premiere

As you may recall, we unveiled Tempestfall’s existence back at the end of October 2020, but we have been quiet since then. Today we unveil the game’s cinematic trailer, which marks the beginning of our ascension towards launch, set for summer 2021 on Oculus and Steam.  Set in the Age of Sigmar universe, Tempestfall’s campaign begins following the devastating event known as the Necroquake in the Realm of Death, known as Shyish. This massive explosion of dark magic has triggered the Nighthaunt forces to rise up all across the Mortal Realms. In response a retinue of Stormcast Eternals, the embodiment of Sigmar’s wrath made manifest, and gifted with superhuman speed, strength and endurance has been especially assembled.  The quest to lead this retinue and investigate...


Carbon Studio would like to inform that the popular The Wizards series has sold over 200.000 copies across all platforms! “Our game series, The Wizards, has been very popular among VR gamers from the very beginning. Selling 200 thousand copies is a confirmation for us that a distant fantasy world with innovative gameplay systems wins recognition among players on the local and international market. Our statistics show that more and more regions from different parts of the world decide to invest in the VR market segment, while the biggest number of fans of our game comes from the North American markets.” – says Carbon Studio’s Co-Founder Aleksander Caban. We would like to thank everyone for supporting us throughout the years! We are extremely grateful!


The long-awaited Arena Mode is now available! Play on castle-themed Menace Keep or the frozen lake of Drakeback Pass, customize your magical battle, and unlock gameplay-altering cheat codes. Turn on Halloween Mode for pumpkin-fueled spellcasting! Defeat waves of enemies and unlock the following cheats in Arena Mode: Big Spells Amplified Force Pulse Laser Swords for the Unlit Exploding Enemies Fragile Enemies Random Spell Element Patchnotes: Arena Mode now available Fixed text display in all languages Fixed WMR teleport issues Fixed disappearing subtitles and audio Fixed prematurely activated checkpoints Fixed issues with grabbing the arrow on Index controllers Sound improvements As always, thank you very much for your support and bugreports. Next stop – Survival Mode! Happy Halloween!


Carbon Studio is pleased to announce Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall – a VR-exclusive action adventure game set in the Age of Sigmar universe. WISHLIST NOW! Battle the forces of Nighthaunt in this VR-exclusive action-adventure Warhammer Age of Sigmar game using a variety of melee weapons, powerful staves, and immersive motion-based abilities and magic. Walk the realm of death and lead your brethren to victory, Lord-Arcanum. Let none survive the Tempestfall. Become a mighty Lord-Arcanum, wielder of storm magic, and lead a Stormcast Eternal task force to recover your brethren’s lost souls. Walk the lands of Shyish and engage the dreaded Nighthaunt using powerful melee weapons, mighty staves, and immersive motion-based abilities and magic. Deliver justice in the name of Sigmar! FEATURES VR-exclusive action-adventure game set…


Carbon Studio is pleased to inform that the planned additional content updates for The Wizards – Dark Times have a positive effect on player recognition. Two out of four planned content updates are already available to players. They are: New Game+ (available since 25 June 2020) – game mode unlocked after completing the story mode. It raises difficulty and allows players to start the game from the beginning with all the spells unlocked. Hardcore Mode (available since 23 July 2020) – game mode made for the most seasoned players. There is no health regeneration or checkpoints – the player has to complete all levels relying only on their spellcasting skills.  

The Wizards – Dark Times. Now available!

The Wizards – Dark Times, the full-fledged sequel to original The Wizards is now available on Oculus Rift Store, Viveport and SteamVR for $24.99 (with a 10% 7-day launch discount on selected platforms). See The Wizards – Dark Times mixed reality trailer HERE. See The Wizards – Dark Times gameplay trailer HERE. Initially planned as a standalone expansion, The Wizards – Dark Times has become a full sequel during the development process, similar in scope to its predecessor.   In the game players can: Use nothing but gestures of their hands to master 11 individually designed spells – as a true Wizard does! Unleash the elements to freeze, paralyze, and set foes on fire Face a variety of challenging enemies with individual behavior Journey through…


Darkness falls on Meliora… are you up for the challenge? Carbon Studio is proud to announce an all-new standalone expansion to the critically-acclaimed VR game The Wizards, coming to PC VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In the wake of a terrible blight in the realm, a new, even darker force threatens the land. Travel in time to a completely different era, face new enemies, meet new allies, and brandish your spells against fresh challenges. Pick up your motion controllers and travel through the perilous, changed realm of Meliora. Wishlist Now on Steam! Become a Wizard Action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a lush fantasy world Story campaign featuring time travel, exciting battles, and rich lore Never-seen-before locations Intuitive spellcasting system based on natural hand gestures…


Carbon Studio released a new user safety patch for The Wizards – Enhanced Edition on the PlayStation VR platform. When the player (or their controllers) are about to leave the PlayStation Camera tracking zone, the game displays a barrier that shows a boundary of the physical playing area. This feature greatly improves user experience while playing on PlayStation VR – each player can now precisely see where the tracking zone ends in the game, preventing undesirable controller behavior and possible physical injuries.  


2019 for Carbon Studio S.A. is a year of successes. The company not only entered the NewConnect alternative market but also received recognition for The Wizards. Carbon Studio received an Oculus Quest statuette as a thank you for porting The Wizards for that platform. Wireless spellcasting in virtual reality has garnered popularity, confirmed by the user reviews giving our game 4 out of 5 stars. We’re very glad to work with Oculus, and want to continue the development of the technology with our future projects. Steam made a ranking of bestselling games in 2019, with our game obtaining bronze for the third time in row in VR category. Despite being available in digital distribution since july 2017, The Wizards brand and its innovative gesture-based system…

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