The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood – new dates… with Simultaneous Release!

Greetings, Wizards! 🧙

It’s no secret, that our goal for this update is to give you a spellbinding experience with friends, and for you to enjoy the epic new features and gameplay to the max in Meliora. It is for that reason we’ve decided we need a little more time to polish the Brotherhood update for you.

As many of you wizards know, throughout September we ran an open beta for our newly remastered Wizards – Dark Times, especially the all new Brotherhood co-op gameplay. We had an absolute blast with you and were given a lot of great feedback. Some of that feedback we’d like to spend more time with, especially that which ensures a more seamless crossplay at launch for PC VR and Quest players. (Please note: this does not mean we are introducing the PCVR x Meta Quest crossplay!)

The Brotherhood Update will now launch on November 9th 2023

We wish we could have hit this update on time, and are disappointed we can’t deliver but at the same time we know our community (yep! that’s you!) and know that you’d prefer waiting a little longer for the better gaming experience.

But there is something else we wanted to tell you

A little extra time we ask for not only means a better, more polished final product, but also… a simultaneous release on PC VR and Meta Quest platforms. That’s right! Both PC VR and Meta Quest enthusiasts will be able to jump in straight into the action on Nov 9!

With the simultaneous release, an even larger community of wizards will have the opportunity to face new perilous challenges lurking in the undiscovered corners of the world of Meliora and invite their friends to join them in this glorious journey, regardless of their platform of choice!

Thank you for always standing with us, wizards! And see you soon! 🌟🔮🌟

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