Gather round, Mages! The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood is coming on October 19th

The long wait will soon come to an end! The Brotherhood update is coming in just 2 months!

Time is near, Wizards! Fulfill your dreams of exploring a land of wild magic, fantastic creatures, and truly heroic deeds. Fight your way through malignant forces of evil, traverse breathtaking locations, and free the world of Meliora from a mysterious plague twisting its inhabitants into beings of hatred and madness! All this with your own hands and the unbelievable power of Arcane magic. The magnitude of this grand quest might appear daunting even for the mightiest of Mages… yet worry not! If you choose so, you can count on the help of your fellow Wizards, with whom you will face the coming danger as the deadliest magical trio in the history!

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The Brotherhood update is coming to PCVR and Meta Quest Store

The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood is a combination of two titles: the remastered version of The Wizards – Dark Times, a story-rich singleplayer game released in 2020 – now with lots of fresh improvements, and the brand-new three-player Free Co-op Update. The update will be available in both PCVR and Meta Quest versions.

That means not one, but two amazing adventures full of dangerous encounters, dynamic spellcasting, and a beautiful, enhanced environment! Enjoy a solo journey during which you can possess the power of numerous devastating spells and unveil the gloomy secrets of the world of Meliora… or dive straight into the Multiplayer Co-op Mode featuring plenty of totally new spells, enemies, locations, and deadly bosses.

Be sure to assemble your squad today and prepare for the Brotherhood launch on October 19th. Remember, that you can acquire the game right now, and in two months its content will be automatically enriched with the free Brotherhood update!

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