A brand-new Patch “A Tale of 100 Deeds” has just kicked off!

100 amazing achievements and other awesome features have just hit Crimen – Mercenary Tales

Crimen – Mercenary Tales has just received its most significant update yet, called “A Tale of 100 Deeds.” The highlight of this Patch is the newly introduced Achievement System, which adds an exciting dimension to the game. Players now have the opportunity to unlock up to 100 unique badges that represent their impressive (and sometimes outrageous) feats. Whether it’s showcasing their prowess in swordsmanship, marksmanship, resourceful utilization of the environment, or other daring actions, players will now be duly rewarded for their accomplishments.

Furthermore, players now have access to an array of exciting features, such as the “reversed” fighting style in the story of diplomat Al Mansur, new weapon in the Pirate Ship level, additional power-ups and enemies animations, or the option to choose the difficulty level (easy, medium and hard). The game also undergone various improvements and smaller changes that serve to further immerse and delight players during their gaming experience.

We can’t wait to see how many of you are up to the task of unlocking all 100 achievements! We eagerly await the invaluable feedback from our community and welcome their exceptional ideas, which will contribute to the continuous development of Crimen – Mercenary Tales.

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