Carbon Studio’s Hand Tracking Puzzle game MINDSET is now live on the Quest Store

Puzzle games and Hand Tracking technology enthusiasts – rejoice! Mindset has just hit the Quest Store!

After initially being shown at the Upload VR Showcase 2023, Carbon Studio is happy to announce that Mindset is now available exclusively on Meta Quest 2! Mindset puts Meta’s impressive hand tracking technology on full display, allowing players an unparalleled level of immersion as they try to work through the game’s complex cubic puzzles. The players can choose between an immersive, fully narrated Story Mode set in a bizarre, colorful, and highly intriguing lucid dream or move straight to the demanding puzzles that await them in the Challenge Mode.

Either way, the cubes are the focal point of the gameplay, standing out among all the captivating features mentioned above. Whether you opt for an enigmatic adventure or plain intellectual tests, your objective will center on arranging gears, pins, and an extensive assortment of other elements to put each and every piece of the cube-shaped puzzle in motion.

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Prior to its launch, the game underwent numerous enhancements in its graphics, which can be seen in a brand-new Launch Trailer below. We believe that these improvements will make it even easier for players to find their way around the puzzling world of Mindset and make their journey more immersive and fun. We encourage all fans of puzzle & logic games, Hand Tracking technology enthusiasts, and all those who love spending their time in Virtual Reality to try out our newest title. We look forward to your reviews and discussions about Mindset!

Mindset Launch Trailer

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