Carbon’s new title “Mindset” announced on the Upload VR Summer 23′ Showcase

Take your fate into your own hands with advanced Hand Tracking technology and solve dozens of cube-shaped Puzzles

The VR logic and puzzle games fans can start warming up their gray cells! A brand new title of this ever-green genre is coming to the Meta Quest platform, and you can be sure it will put your intelligence, dexterity, and deduction skills to the ultimate test. Mindset is a combination of challenging logic puzzles, unique graphic layout, bizarre story taking place in the very core of your subconscious, and plenty of mechanics based on motion, gravity, or general physics.

Among all the intriguing features mentioned above, the most important element of the game is the so-called cubes. Whether you choose to take a baffling journey through the Story Mode or jump straight into the abstruse Challenge Mode your task will be to solve various cube-shaped puzzles.

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Mindset Announcement Trailer

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