Crimen – Mercenary Tales is now Live on Pico and Meta Quest 2!

The time of sword, gunpowder, and heroic deeds has come! Crimen – Mercenary Tales is here! ✊

We are deeply excited to announce that our newest production Crimen – Mercenary Tales has just been released on Pico and Meta Quest stores! Starting today, players around the world can take on the role of eight charismatic heroes who will invite them to relive their wonderful, humorous, and truly wild adventures.

We also invite the entire fan community, all VR game enthusiasts, and virtual reality influencers to immerse themselves in the colorful, rich in pop-culture references, and completely crazy universe of Crimen – Mercenary Tales! Eight unbelievable scenarios, which will redefine concepts of bravado, courage and glory, await the brave!

Play now on Meta Quest 2 👉

Check out the brand-new Launch Trailer!

Such a unique occasion could not do without…. a dedicated Trailer! The latest video presenting our game shows everything that’s best in Crimen – a humorous vibe, colorful, comic-style graphics, a multitude of interesting locations, and crazy action full of the clang of steel, the bang of explosions, varied enemies, and epic swordplay!

We can’t wait to see how you fare as heroic adventurers. Crimen will present you with some really tough challenges, but we’re sure you’ll be able to meet them all! We also look forward to your feedback and opinions on our newest project – as always, we are happy to chat with you on our social media channels and Discord » server!

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