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Darkness falls on Meliora… are you up for the challenge? Carbon Studio is proud to announce an all-new standalone expansion to the critically-acclaimed VR game The Wizards, coming to PC VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In the wake of a terrible blight in the realm, a new, even darker force threatens the land. Travel in time to a completely different era, face new enemies, meet new allies, and brandish your spells against fresh challenges. Pick up your motion controllers and travel through the perilous, changed realm of Meliora. Wishlist Now on Steam! Become a Wizard Action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a lush fantasy world Story campaign featuring time travel, exciting battles, and rich lore Never-seen-before locations Intuitive spellcasting system based on natural hand gestures…


Carbon Studio released a new user safety patch for The Wizards – Enhanced Edition on the PlayStation VR platform. When the player (or their controllers) are about to leave the PlayStation Camera tracking zone, the game displays a barrier that shows a boundary of the physical playing area. This feature greatly improves user experience while playing on PlayStation VR – each player can now precisely see where the tracking zone ends in the game, preventing undesirable controller behavior and possible physical injuries.  


DREAMO Enter the world of DREAMO, where cube riddles are reflections of your thoughts. Set out on a challenging journey through your mind and unravel the secrets hidden deep in your subconscious. Try to solve every puzzle as you retrieve the memories that slipped away after the accident. Unlock all the Artifacts – three-dimensional puzzles that’ll reveal the memories you lost after surviving a tragic plane crash. Put the gears in their proper place, fix all the components of your mind, and find the answers. DREAMO is a story-driven puzzle-adventure game where the player explores strange landscapes and solves interactive cube puzzles to unlock the mysteries of the dream world. Featuring fully voiced narration, the game’s plot revolves around symbolism, morality, and the consequences of...

The Wizards – Quest Edition

The Wizards - Quest Edition The Wizards - Quest Edition is an action-adventure VR game with a unique system of spellcasting based on hand gestures. The game is a version of The Wizards developed specially for Oculus Quest. Use Touch controllers to destroy your enemies - weave magic into lightning, fireballs, and other elemental spells. Chain combos and use different tactics against a variety of hostile creatures. Make the game as challenging or as casual as you like with Fate Cards. Become the hero you’ve always wanted to be, with powerful spells at your fingertips, and no wires to trip on! • Action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a rich fantasy world • Acclaimed narration and voice acting by Jason Marnocha • Campaign featuring time travel,...

The Wizards – Enhanced Edition

The Wizards - Enhanced Edition The Wizards is a VR spellcaster game set in a rich fantasy world, where you step into the shoes of a mighty sorcerer to defend the realm from evil hordes of monsters. The game's base mechanics rely on an immersive gesture-based spellcasting system. Conjuring magic requires natural hand movement, as opposed to having to memorize button combinations. The game is available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive devices. The Wizards received numerous nominations and awards, including (but not limited to) the best VR game at Casual Connect Indie Prize conference, Singapore 2017. On March 12th 2019, a refreshed and updated version of the game was released, titled The Wizards - Enhanced Edition. Owners of The Wizards received the new version as a free...

Alice VR

Alice VR Alice VR is a science-fiction exploration game loosely inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The game is available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and OSVR devices. It can be played on PCs without a VR headset as well. An unexpected malfunction forces your ship’s AI to wake you from the cryo sleep. You have to prepare for emergency landing on an alien planet. The goal is simple: find or purchase ship fuel and escape. This seemingly straightforward task gets complicated when you realize that all of the planet’s citizens had disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The player has to deal with a series of puzzles designed specifically for VR technology, and make decisions that ultimately lead to the truth about this world...

The Wizards – Trials of Meliora

The Wizards - Trials of Meliora The Wizards - Trials of Meliora invites players to take magic into their hands and test their mettle as defenders of the Realm of Meliora. Based on the award-winning action-adventure spellcaster The Wizards, this game is a completely new adventure set in the same world, adapted for Oculus Go and Gear VR headsets. It brings the fun of immersive gesture-based spellcasting to standalone VR, along with the breathtakingly detailed environments known from the PCVR title. Official website “Carbon Studio did a very good job capturing the magic of the original The Wizards in the mobile spin-off. Although it has less spells available, the hand gestures works very well. Some clever gameplay mechanics and a sense of humor also provide...


Today marks the day The Wizards – Enhanced Edition received 200 user reviews on Steam! The overall user score for the game is “Very Positive”, which motivates us to work even harder and deliver the best VR experience with our future projects! We’d like to thank all the gamers who enjoyed our game and supported our studio. It couldn’t be possible without you! Thank you!  


Carbon Studio is excited to announce its attendance at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this year (20-22 August). The team was invited by Perp Games to join the VR Games Showcase event, alongside Fast Travel Games, Neat Corporation, Survios, Resolution Games, and Cortopia Studios. Attendees, content creators and media can expect an exclusive hands-on look at The Wizards – Dark Times. It is also a fantastic meet & greet opportunity with the developers behind some of the hottest upcoming VR titles. See you there!

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