Crimen – Mercenary Tales is coming to Meta Quest 2 in May 2023

Crimen – Mercenary Tales is coming to Meta Quest 2 in May 2023

As you surely know, a great deal of our attention over the past few months has been devoted to The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood project. It’s true – the Brotherhood update is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing our studio, however – and let us just say that we have been looking forward to this day for a long time – we are also working on a brand new and totally amazing title, which we want to tell you about!

What’s all the fuss about?

We’re sure you’re dying of curiosity, so we won’t keep you waiting and will tell you right away what our newest project actually is. Crimen is a story-based adventure game in a totally unique setting of XVII-century Europe. Once you launch the game, you will jump right into an extremely immersive world ruled by the law of the sword, gunpowder, and audacity! 

The main axis of the game is re-experiencing the eight incredible tales told by eight charismatic adventurers. Each of them strives for the title of the greatest hero, so things are about to get really… interesting. Are their stories full of bold deeds and deadly dangers? For sure. Are they a bit exaggerated? Totally! And most importantly, are they fun? One hundred percent! 

Our heroes, being regular customers of the tavern that serves as a kind of hub, will invite you to step into their boots and relive their amazing tales. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself in

eerie castles, ancient temples, forsaken shipwrecks, and other astonishing locations, slashing your way through hordes of varied kinds of enemies. Lucky for you, you can do that by using a wide range of historically relevant weapons from the 17th century! All this wrapped up in a visually captivating comic book graphics, fanciful mercenary humor, and engaging Slavic folk music score! 

Coming in May 2023

Crimen – Mercenary Tales will launch in May 2023 on Meta Quest store, meaning that in just about a month you will be able to grab your sword, pistol, or… mug. We simply can’t wait to see the players becoming the protagonists of over-the-top tales, packed with action, pop-culture references, and hilarious, yet deadly situations. 

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