Crimen – Mercenary Tales Delivers Comic Book-Styled Adventure to Meta Quest 2 and Pico on May 25

Crimen – Mercenary Tales is coming to Meta Quest 2 and Pico on May 25

Rejoice, travelers, as May 25 Meta Quest 2 and Pico users will have a unique opportunity to take part in eight thrilling escapades full of action, humor, and breathtaking adventures. To give them a foretaste of the challenges ahead, we have prepared a brand-new Trailer dedicated to the occasion!

Crimen – Mercenary Tales | Release Date Trailer

Our eight bold adventurers simply can’t wait to tell you their stories! Take on the role of a daring pirate, a mighty hussar, a demon hunter, a resolute diplomat, and a host of other interesting characters who will show you the beauty and cultural richness of 17th century Europe. Enjoy dynamic combat, beautiful locations, authentic historical architecture, and sarcastic comments from the other mercenaries vying for the title of greatest hero!

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