Hardcore Mode and Patch 1.2 now live!

We’re excited to inform you that we’ve released a new update for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall that introduces a Hardcore Mode to the game! This patch adds a higher difficulty level, fixes numerous performance bugs, and improves motion-based tracking and combat system.

What’s more, in addition to today’s update, we’ve just published a stunning mixed-reality trailer that allows you to turn into the mighty Lord-Arcanum Castor Stormscryer and face the Shyish terrors:


More about Hardcore Mode
The main difference between Hardcore Mode and the classic gameplay is the addition of numerous difficulties, such as removed parry indicators and health bars of your opponents, disabled tutorials and “skip climbing” mechanics. Enemies will deal more damage and attack you in groups.

See the full patch notes: 


  • Hardcore Mode
  • More Weapon Upgrade Stations

Game Settings

  • Fixed some translation issues


  • Various lighting and HLOD fixes


  • improved sound feedback for activating the glove 
  • improved mix for dialogue intelligibility 
  • improved Stormcasts’ sounds and dialogue spatialization 
  • minor improvements in some environment and UI sounds


  • Potential navigation problems on Glittering Marsh resolved
  • Problems with elevator on Sigmarite Prison Quest resolved
  • Fixed a bug with floor collision on the Glittering Marsh map
  • Fixed a potential blocker on Panopticon Stormvault
  • Minor bug fixes

Thanks to our enthusiastic community, we are able to improve Tempestfall constantly. Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback, which allowed us to add numerous improvements to the game and prepare this big update for you.