On 20-21 September 2018, Carbon Studio took part in the Tokyo Games Show – one of the most important events similar in nature to the European Gamescom trade fair, but focused primarily on Asian markets. In 2018, a record-breaking 300,000 people visited the expo. This shows the high market potential and the scale of the event. The event consists of closed-access business days as well as open days for the general public. Our primary goal in attending was to establish new business relationships so that we could successfully sell our titles in Asian markets.

The fair gathered as many as 668 exhibitors under the slogan “Welcome to the Next Stage!” The exhibitors presented new game titles and services for consoles, smartphones, and PCs. In addition, the expo featured many events and lectures addressed to the general public. In total, 338 companies from Japan and 330 from abroad participated in the fair. Among the exhibitors were the world’s largest companies – SONY, Sega, and Capcom. Both big and small companies presented their products and their varied applications. In 2018, the majority of new games presented were action games. Out of 1568 titles, 271 belonged to that genre, slightly outnumbering RPG titles. E-sport games were also very popular. The strong position of games for smartphones was also clearly visible. It is estimated that about 30% of the titles will be released to iOS and Android. Mobile games make up a significant part of the market, especially in Japan, which has an advantage over Western markets.

The fact that almost 330 exhibitors were from outside Japan indicates the expo’s international character and emphasizes the importance and significance of this event in the world. This event focuses the attention of a huge group of players and investors.

Tokyo Game Show 2018

Task realized as part of the Support and development of export efforts and business contacts of Carbon Studio project, co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland as part of the Development od Creative Sectors in 2018 program.