Journalists and enthusiasts of new technologies visiting the CES expo in Las Vegas in January of 2019 had the unique opportunity to test The Wizards – Enhanced Edition with 3dRudder motion controller on the PlayStation 4.

3dRudder is an innovative controller dedicated for PlayStation VR and developed in collaboration with Sony, giving players the ability to control their in-game movement with their feet. Carbon Studio’s upcoming PlayStation release, The Wizards – Enhanced Edition, will have official 3dRudder motion controller support upon launch. As part of collaboration between the companies, The Wizards was included in the first public showcase of the 3dRudder motion controller for PlayStation VR.

CES (The International Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest technology expo in the United States, hosting over 180 000 visitors involved in the industry each year. Over five days, dozens of VR journalists tested The Wizards on PlayStation VR, resulting in the publication of multiple articles describing first impressions from Carbon Studio’s game.