Darkness falls on Meliora… are you up for the challenge?

Carbon Studio is proud to announce an all-new standalone expansion to the critically-acclaimed VR game The Wizards, coming to PC VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

In the wake of a terrible blight in the realm, a new, even darker force threatens the land. Travel in time to a completely different era, face new enemies, meet new allies, and brandish your spells against fresh challenges. Pick up your motion controllers and travel through the perilous, changed realm of Meliora.

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Become a Wizard

  • Action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a lush fantasy world
  • Story campaign featuring time travel, exciting battles, and rich lore
  • Never-seen-before locations
  • Intuitive spellcasting system based on natural hand gestures
  • Fresh arsenal of improved and reworked element-based spells to master

Planned release date: 2020